Built with confidence

Vivesco has been specializing in the field of residential construction in the greater Montreal area in recent years. With several projects already realized and more to come, Vivesco is a trustworthy builder that offers quality products and services which exceed the expectations of its customers.

Second generation builder

The developer, Jonathan Belisle, takes over family tradition in the construction of residential buildings, combining more than 30 years of experience in construction.

A passionate team

An accessible president, personally ensuring that the core values of the company are respected and surrounding himself with working professionals which together ensure a quality construction. This is the Vivesco team.


The key to success of Vivesco lies not only in the quality and innovation of its projects, but also by paying a particular attention to the well-being of its customers.


Homes that meet the highest standards of quality at very competitive prices. Vivesco choses its partners meticulously to provide the highest quality.


More than a job, construction has become a passion that pushes Vivesco to innovate, but also to excel.

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